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Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers have to visit one of OK!Bank branches to be able to use OK!Bank Internet Banking and/or OK!Bank Mobile Banking. After registration by filling in a request form at one of OK!Bank branches, Customer will receive temporary User ID by SMS. This temporary User ID is only available for 7 calendar days before it expires.
  2. Customer will have to visit OK!Bank website at https://www.okbank.co.id to activate OK!Bank Internet Banking facility. At the website, Customer will have to input their temporary User ID, Debit Card No. and Debit Card PIN.
  3. After User ID and Debit Card PIN has been validated, Customer will be able to create new User ID and Password for OK!Bank Internet Banking.
  4. Customer is only able to make 1 (one) User ID and Password, where User ID and Password are used to login into OK!Bank Internet Banking and OK!Bank Mobile Banking.
  5. For secure transaction, Customer will have to choose an image, color, and name. This image will be used as anti-phishing prevention system, therefore more protection for the Customers.
  1. Various types of facility provided in OK!Bank Internet Banking and OK!Bank Mobile Banking is available for every OK!Bank Customer to use, however Corporate Customer may only use OK!Bank Internet Banking (Business version of OK!Bank Mobile Banking will be launched later).
  2. Any addition or reduction of the facilities and transactions available at OK!Bank Internet Banking and OK!Bank Mobile Banking will be notified to the Customers through the website at https://inet.okbank.co.id at least 7 (seven) calendar days prior the effective date.
  3. OK!Bank, by certain considerations, is able to change the Guidebook for OK!Bank Internet Banking and OK!Bank Mobile Banking. The changes will be notified to the Customers through the website at https://inet.okbank.co.id, at least 7 (seven) calendar days prior to the effective date.
User ID and Password
  1. User ID and Password are confidential and only can be used by the Customer who has the authority to make the transactions.
  2. Customer is NOT allowed to, consciously, lend or giving the User ID and Password to others. Customer is responsible to keep User ID and Password unknown to others.
  3. Customer is NOT allowed to save or write User ID and Password on any visible media, such as writing on notes, mobile phones or computers that could be seen by others.
  4. Customer MUST change the Password periodically
  5. OK!Bank employees will never ask for any Customer information related with User ID and Password. Please be careful for any false notifications.
  6. Customer will not held OK!Bank responsible for any legal accusations caused by stolen User ID and/or Password, also Customer's negligence.


  1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is an electronic machine for banking services owned/managed by Bank or owned/operated by other bank based on cooperation with the Bank, used by the Customer for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and other transactions applicabe in the Bank which can see at through available Bank’ communication media.
  2. Bank is PT Bank Oke Indonesia.
  3. The Customer is an individual or a business entity or legal entity which having an Account at the Bank and/or using banking services provided by the Bank.
  4. Branch Office is a branch office of Bank where Customer may register to obtain Electronic Banking Services
  5. Account is Customer deposits in the form of savings, whether the Customer has opened at the Bank or to be open in the future which connected with the Electronic Banking Service
  6. OK Bank ATM is a service provided to customers n the form of ATM Cards that can be used to transactions in ATM and EDC Bank networks as well as in ATM and EDC networks of other Banks in cooperation with the Bank
  7. OK! Mobile Banking is one type of electronic banking services provided by the Bank to do banking transactions using services through Mobile Phone.
  8. OK! Internet Banking is one of the types of electronic banking services/services provided by the Bank to do banking transactions via Internet.
  9. OK! Corporate Banking is one type of services/ electronic banking services provided by the Bank for corporate Customers/ business entitiy or legal entity to do banking transactions via the Internet.
  10. OK! Customer Care is an authorized working unit to provide Banking Information and Transaction services, including receipt of complaints, presented by the Bank to the Customer by phone.
  11. Instruction is every Customer instruction to the Bank related to Banking Transaction delivered by electronic media such as ATM and/or OK! Mobile Banking
  12. ATM Card is a card issued by the Bank based on the Customer's request and used as a transaction media in ATM such as cash withdrawal transactions, transfers, payments, and/or other functions to be determined by the Bank, including shopping transactions in EDC.
  13. Terms of Tariff is the provisions and exchange rates applicable to and have announced at the Bank branch offices and/or websites or other possible media.
  14. Access Code is a secret code that is required for the Customer to conduct a Banking Transaction through the appropriate service of its features using specific codes as verification medium and the authorization of its use only to the Customer.
  15. Electronic Data Capture Machine (EDC) is a tool used to verify transactions or financial and nonfinancial transactions by the Customer at counter Bank or other places specified by the Bank.
  16. ATM PIN is the secret code/password required for Customer to use ATM / EDC terminal service or OK! Mobile Banking and the authority of its use only for the Customer.
  17. OTP (One Time PIN) is a secret code as an additional security medium that serves to authenticate transactions sent by Bank through Hard Token owned by the Customer
  18. Password is a secret code with a combination of letters and numbers used to enter the application OK! Internet Banking and OK! Mobile Banking
  19. Electronic Banking Services (LPE) is a service that enables Bank Customer by first registering to conduct Banking Transactions through electronic media such as ATM, cellular phone ("Handphone") and/or Internet Banking.
  20. Terms and Conditions of Electronic Banking Services are these Terms and Conditions including any change or renewal (if any).
  21. Banking Transactions is the Financial Transactions and Non-Financial Transactions.
  22. Financial Transactions is the transactions that impact on changes in Account balances, such as overbooking, transfer, bill payment, purchases and other transactions approved by the Bank.
  23. Non-Financial Transaction is a transaction that has no impact on changes in the Account balance, such as a request for balance information and Account mutation, PIN reimbursement and other transactions Electronic Banking Service approved by the Bank.
  24. A Registered Phone is registered Customer Mobile Phone Number on the ATM Card and Service form/application.
  25. Telecommunication Service Provider is a telecommunication company that has cooperated with Bank.
  1. To be able to use the Electronic Banking Services, the Customer must register in the Branch Once
  2. The Customer who has registered the Electronic Banking Service will receive the ATM Card and ATM PIN or to OK! Mobile Banking and OK! Internet Banking will receive Password, PIN OK! Mobile Banking or any other secret code that has been established by the Bank through communication media and is obliged to keep confidentiality, as it serves as a sign of approval of any Instruction of Banking Transactions through Electronic Banking Services.
  3. Transactions may be made through Electronic Banking Services as long as the Customer's Account active (not in a blocked state, passive/dormant) and sufficient balance in accordance with the Bank’ policy.
  4. The Bank is not obligated to do any Instruction provided by the Customer and the Bank entitled to cancel if the funds available in the Electronic Banking Service Account are insufficient or the Customer violates the applicable laws and/or regulations.
  5. Instructions which arise from negligence, misunderstanding, ambiguity, inaccuracy caused by the Customer, would be the risk and responsibility to the Customer completely. The Customer can not claim the Bank and/or the Bank's employees for any risks that may arise as a result of the implementa-tion Instruction carried out by the Customer using the Electronic Banking Services.
  6. The Bank shall determine customer Financial Transaction Limits in ATM, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, and the Bank shall be entitled to make substantial changes to the Financial Transaction limit by prior notification to the Customer through the media of information determined by the Bank.
  7. The Customer can not cancel the Transaction has been instructed by the Bank which has been approved by the Customer because at the same time the Bank will directly process the Instruction.
  8. The Customer agrees not to deny the validity, accuracy or authenticity of Instruction evidence and electronic communication transmitted between the parties, including documents of records or evidence of Banking Transactions, copies or other types of information storage, and all such instruments or documents constitute the only valid evidence on the Customer Banking Transaction conducted through the Electronic Banking Service system unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
  9. The Customer acknowledges that all Instructions received by Bank shall be treated as valid evidence even though not made in a written document or signed document, and The Customer willing to release the Bank from any loss, liability, claim, and expense (including reasonable legal fees) arising in connection with the implementation of the Instruction.
  10. The Bank is not responsible for any loss or damage arising as a result of the following:
    a. Damage to hardware and software from communication media used in Mobile Banking or Internet Banking.
    b. Damage to hardware and software from Telecommunication Providers.
    c. Viruses interference of communication media or other harmful components.
    d. Misuse of ATM Card, ATM PIN / PIN OK! Mobile Banking, Password, OTP or other secret code.
    e. Error in deliver an Instruction by the Customer.
    f. Customer's failure to follow the instructions, e procedures and instructions of Electronic Banking Services.
    g. Any other loss caused by a third party.
  1. Electronic Banking Services are provided by a written application submitted by the Customer to the Bank and specifically provided to :
    a. Account on behalf of an individual Customer
    b. Joint Accounts on behalf of individuals with "OR" status or "QQ" status.
  2. Electronic Banking Services may only use by the Customer itself and may not transferable/diverted in any form and in any way to any other party
  3. The uses of Electronic Banking Services adjusted to the types of Bank products and policies listed on the brochures or other media published/provided by the Bank, among others:
    a. Transactions on ATM owned/managed by the Bank; the transaction will be debited from the account appointed by the Customer and access to the ATM card. As well as transactions conducted through other ATM networks that have cooperation with the Bank or other places determined by the Bank.
    b. Transactions such as shopping and bill payments and other transactions approved by the Bank.
  4. Electronic Banking Services can use as long as the Account is active (not in a blocked, passive/dormant and other circumstances) and sufficient balance.
  5. The Bank determines nominal Limit and fees for transactions in Electronic Banking Services and any time may change by notice and announced at the Branch Office or locations where the ATM is located or through any other media available to the Bank.
  6. By accepting, signing and/or using/using the Electronic Banking Services means the Customer has agreed to the applicable provisions.
  7. Electronic Banking Services should not transfer to anyone and only valid Customers are allowed to use them.
  1. Use of Customer Electronic Banking Services will provide Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  2. The Customer required to changes the PIN that has been submitted by the Bank before executing the transaction for the first time and PIN can change at any time. The new PIN resulting from the amendment shall serve as the basis for verification for the Bank for the Customer's transaction.
  3. If the Customer incorrectly enters the PIN up to 3 (three) consecutive times or the Customer forgets the PIN number to cause the Electronic Banking Service automatically blocked or unusable to conduct the transaction, reactivation can be done by contacting the Bank officer or visit the nearest Bank BranchOoffice and meet the requirements specified by the Bank.
  4. The Customer is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of PIN or other access codes in good faith and by the provisions/guidelines provided by the Bank. The Customer shall fully bear any losses arising from negligence in using the Electronic Banking Services, the confidentiality of the PIN or any other access codes and the Customer hereby indemnifies and release the Bank from any liability, claim, lawsuit, and any claim as well as from any party (), from responsibility for any and all losses and/or risks arising of use of the Electronic Banking Service and/or PIN or other access codes by unauthorized parties.
  1. If an unauthorized party uses the Electronic Banking Service or electronic media (such as ATM card is stolen/lost/forged, missed the mobile phone or for any reason), the Customer should immediately notify via Ok! Customer Care or visit the nearest branch office. Then Customer may apply for a change of PIN, Password or ATM card replacement by the applicable provisions of the Bank.
  2. All transactions occurs before the Bank accepts reports of loss or theft, are the responsibility of the Customer.
  1. Any transaction Electronic Banking Services resulting in changes to Account balances will be recorded/recorded in a Savings Book or Current Account.
  2. Bank records, concerning the data, information or all transactions processed through the Electronic Banking Services are valid and binding evidence whether inside or outside the court.
  3. The Customer is entirely responsible for all transactions made with the Electronic Banking Services (whether with or without the knowledge or permission of the customer). The Customer hereby authorizes the Bank to debit the amount of funds in the Customer account in every transaction including withdrawals or transfers or expenditures by Bank transaction records.
  1. If the Customer decides to terminate/cancel the use of the Electronic Banking Service for any reason, then the Customer must visit the Branch Once on the day and working hours applicable to the Bank.
  2. Electronic Banking Services as the transaction media will automatically terminate if the account closed for any reason.
  3. Closure of Electronic Banking Services only made by the Customer or his / her proxy (based on Customer's power of attorney) at the branch office where the Customer opens an Account / Electronic Banking Service.
  4. The Bank has the right to terminate the Electronic Banking Services if :
    a. The Customer dies
    b. The Customer submits a request for closure of the Electronic Banking Service by visiting the Branch Office
    c. The Bank performs a requirement by applicable laws and regulations.
    d. The Bank interrupts or discontinues the provision of Electronic Banking Services. Upon termination, the Bank notifies the Customer through media commonly used by Bank or other media.
    e. The Bank indicates any misappropriation of the Electronic Banking Service by the Customer or another third party about violation of the law and/or the Bank performs a requirement by applicable laws and regulations.
  1. An application for an ATM card application for a joint account with an "OR" status becomes the authority of the Customer; therefore in case of any dispute, the Bank shall be relieved of all claims/fu-ture claims.
  2. Customers must sign the cards behind the ATM in the available fields.
  3. The Customer shall keep the ATM card properly and keep the PIN confidential in order not to be misused by unauthorized parties.
  4. The Customer hereby agree that the Bank shall be entitled to charge the administration fee for the replacement of the ATM card to the Customer by the Bank's provisions.
  5. ATM cards that are closed/returned to the Bank before they expire must be cut/destroyed to prevent card misuse.
  6. Especially for joint account Customer, in case of loss of ATM card, the Customer may change the ownership of ATM card by making a statement letter approved by the parties forming a joint account.
  7. ATM cards can use as a means of payment for merchant transactions that have PRIMA and GPN logos. Cash withdrawal transactions using a network other than Bank Oke Indonesia ATM network (such as PRIMA network), will be charged according to Bank Indonesia regulation.
  8. All transactions conducted by the Customer will charge in Rupiah currency. The use of ATM cards in foreign currency will charge after conversion to Rupiah based on the exchange rate determined by the Bank.
  9. In the case of the Customer transfers or withdraws funds through ATMs in a currency different from the accounts held, the Bank reserves the right to convert by using the relevant currency at the time the conversion made. The Client is aware and liable for the combined exchange rate fluctuation risk with the currency conversion
The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of the following:
  1. Damage to hard and soft equipment from Electronic Media owned by Customer
  2. Damage to hardware and software from Telecommunication Service providers.
  3. Interference viruses of communication media or other harmful components.
  4. Misuse of PIN, Password, other secret code of the Electronic Banking Service.
  5. Customer's intrusive submission error.
  6. Customer's negligence to follow the instructions, procedures, and instructions for the Electronic Banking Service
  7. Any other loss caused by a third party.
  1. If there is a question and/or complaint related to a transaction conducted, the Customer may submit the complaint either in writing to the Bank Branch and/or verbally via Ok! Customer Care/email customer-care@okbank.co.id.
  2. The Customer may complain about the transaction of a maximum of 30 (thirty) business days from the date of the Transaction.
  3. If the complaint filed in writing, the Customer is required to attach a copy of the Transaction evidence and other supporting evidence.
  1. Bank makes this Electronic Banking Service for the benefit of Bank and Customer.
  2. Any consequences arising from the use of the Electronic Banking Services by the Customer and/or other parties shall not be the responsibility of the Bank.
  3. The Customer agrees to accept the Notification Service Banking Transaction.
  4. Closure of the Banking Transaction Notification Service refers to the provisions of article VII to these terms and conditions. Upon closing of Notification Service Banking Transaction will suspend some and/or all notifications of banking transactions occurring on the Customer's account, so that any banking transaction incurred on the Customer's account not informed to the Customer.
  5. The Bank shall not be liable for any external factors that may cause the Electronic Banking Services not to be accepted by the Customer or to be inaccurate, unsafe or confidential (factors caused by messengers, telephone providers, internet providers and other factors that are beyond the Bank's control).
  6. The Bank shall be liable to the Customer for any cost or loss caused by the Electronic Banking Service including but not limited to :
    a. Unsuccessful submissions, delays, errors in transmission or delivery that were cut off as a result of unsuccessful or inactive e-mail or mobile phone or cannot receive reports/other Banking/ Services Transaction Notice Services for any reason.
    b. Use of Electronic Banking Services for money laundering or other criminal acts.
    c. The Bank is not or is late in receiving notification of change of e-mail address and/or Customer's phone number.
  7. The Bank provides this service for the Customers convenience to obtaining information, therefore, with prior notification the Bank have a right to terminate the Electronic Banking Services for a while or certain period, for renewal, maintenance or any other purpose whatever reason is deemed proper by the Bank, and therefore the Bank is not obliged to take responsibility to anybody and the Customer shall not demand compensation to the Bank.
  8. The Customer shall bear the cost of the network, data and other charges related to the electronic media usage services used at the rates as determined by the Telecommunications service provider from time to time.
  9. This Terms and Conditions is an integran and an inseparable part of the terms and conditions of the Customer of Bank Oke Indonesia and/or the opening account form has signed by the Customer.
  10. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Bank is entitled to revise, amend or complete these terms and conditions. Any amendment, addition or renewal of this Terms and Conditions will be notified through the Branch Office and/or electronic means of the Customer/bank/by mail sent to the Customer's address, and such amendments shall be binding on the Customer by applicable provisions.
  11. By signing this Terms and Conditions the Customer binds to all Terms and Conditions and informed the Bank has provided sufficient explanation regarding the characteristics of the Electronic Banking Service which will be used by the Customer, and Customer have read and understood all the consequences of using the Electronic Banking Services, including benefits, risks, and inherent costs in the Electronic Banking Services.
  12. In respect of matters not specifically regulated in this Terms and Conditions, the Customer declares abide to all operational provisions and procedures applicable to the Bank in connection with the conduct of banking transactions and other services but is not limited to the regulations and verification procedures, either verification of signatures or verify electronically
  13. These Terms and Conditions have been by the provisions of the laws and regulations including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority rules. This Terms and Conditions is made in Indonesian language ang English language version, however in terms of any different interpretation between both languages, thus the Indonesia language will prevail.



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